Neighborhood Watch

To Report a Crime

Emergency: 9 1 1

Non-Emergency: 229-242-2606

The Neighborhood Watch is designed to help crime-proof our neighborhood.  We established The Neighborhood Watch in November 2014 with the help of the Valdosta Police Department.  The Neighborhood Watch is a simple neighbors helping-neighbors program that has helped other communities reduce crime by as much as 65%. Many watch groups have not only seen crime go down, but have discovered a new feeling of caring and belonging among neighbors. Many have used their combined efforts to improve their streets and parks, recreational opportunities, and local services in their area.   All of us are concerned about becoming the victim of a crime, but not one of us can fight crime alone. Not even the police can do it without our help.  And isolating ourselves behind locked doors not knowing our neighbors actually makes it easier for burglars and other criminals to take advantage of our neighborhood.   So please take this opportunity to step forward and get involved.



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